Slow G's Eatery

440 Diablo Road at I-680, Danville
(925) 831-1268

The Contra Costa Times / Oakland Tribune call us a "healthy hot spot."  See what they're buzzing about!

Check us out in Diablo magazine!

Because your body and taste buds deserve better!

You can eat this stuff every day!  We slow cook our fresh (never frozen) lean meats for our handcrafted healthy sandwiches and quinoa salads right here at Slow G's.  We don't buy packaged deli meat!  Processed deli meats tend to be high in sodium as well as fat and contain all sorts of additives, preservatives, and nitrates (you know...chemicals)!  We only cook skinless chicken breast and lean cuts of beef and pork loin.  If you like the idea of eating delicious and healthy food with no chemicals to extend its shelf life or artificially altering its taste to make the food taste the way companies think it should taste, you're gonna love us!  After eating a sandwich or quinoa salad from Slow G's, you will not feel the need for a nap.  As a matter of fact, you may want to go for a jog as our food leaves you feeling energized.  (But if you down a soda with your Slow G's, don't blame us for your sugar crash!)

Fresh rolls are baked daily for our unique and tasty healthy sandwiches!  (Many of you have asked what we do with our extra bread.  Extra bread is donated to feed those who are in need.  Within our community, we have a very gracious neighbor who delivers the extra bread to St. Vincent de Paul.)

It would be much easier and less costly for us if we bought processed lunch meats and spreads with shelf lives that last for months.  So every once in a while we may temporarily sell out of an item as we cannot simply go into a refrigerator and open up a package of processed meat or spread.  We don't do it that way...we do it the healthy way from scratch which takes a bit of time.  Taste and feel the difference!

Our popular quinoa salads are also available for purchase at THE STUDIO by ClubSport (located at 730 Camino Ramon, Danville)

We support fueling a healthy lifestyle and as such we've decided to create our own path to better health with delicious and unique menu items.  Get real (as in food) and take a walk down our path!

Eat well...feel well.