We thoughtfully select our ingredients.  We don't buy any processed deli meats which are typically formed from various cuts of meat that are bonded into unhealthy logs. We only cook skinless chicken breast and lean cuts of beef and pork.  Fresh herbs are used in many of our recipes for a healthy burst of flavor (and they're one of nature's most concentrated sources of antioxidants).  Fresh rolls are baked daily for our refreshing sandwiches.  (Our extra bread is donated to those in need throughout Contra Costa County via White Pony Express.)

And as for the name, the reasoning behind "Slow" is twofold.  One, because we slow cook our meats in cast iron Dutch ovens. Two, because we support the "Slow Food" movement of keeping it healthy, local, and sustainable.  
Eat well...feel well.

This fresh basil will be paired up with organic edamame for our delicious edamame pesto used in a selection of our handcrafted healthy sandwiches and quinoa salads.